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April 2004
Got me a new Mac OS X Powerbook. It has a great GUI and a fine open-source Unix running on it (GNU-Darwin). The best of both worlds. It uses the Debian like apt-get package manager, a breath of fresh air after suffering abuse from Redhat’s RPM for several years.

While GNU Darwin isn’t as cutting edge as Linux, its a very stable OS. Apple has worked on an optimized version of Java 1.4.2 for OS X.
I recently installed and ran Oracle on my laptop (in less than 30 minutes)!

Oct 2003.
I spent some nights working on a framework based on Java 1.4’s NIO. This framework, named Raining Sockets helps to easily create highly scalable applications, that can deal with well over 10,000 concurrent socket connections.
This was tested successfully with 15000 connections. There are several samples on the site (a server, a client, a load generator).
I am now working on Version 1.2 which will contain an HTTP server based on this (including HTTP 1.1 implementation for Java NIO). This should be out end of Dec 2003. I have just added a pipelining NIO socket too, with persistent connections.

My first Java program:
A programmable SQL client that is friendlier than other clients, for many tasks.
SQLMinus sqlplus minus the pain ! (Written in 1997)

Bought a comp (with Windows preloaded), and installed Redhat 5 (PCQ) over it. Took several months to get X up due to graphic driver problems, and thus using Java on Linux got delayed too. Thankfully, i now have *nix at home, too.

Beloved child Sheru passed away on April 18th, 2001.
Beloved child Sir Dolby passed away in 1997.
Beloved Pluto (born May 5, 1972) passed away on July 26, 1983. Today, on Jan 16, 2006, I pulled out his collar and discarded it.


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