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Blogging with Ecto, Qumana, Bleezer

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Have been trying out some blogging clients like Qumana (free) and Ecto. Qumana could not deal with the new Blogger that google has moved to (as of the time of writing). With some googling, managed to get Ecto 2.4.2 working with blogspot. And now with blogsome too.

Even tried out a free one called Bleezer. It’s java-based and the guy obviously has put in a lot of pains in creating the software. I mean writing anything in Java is a pain (i say this after many years of loving Java). But the geezer who wrote Bleezer obviously has not worked on Ruby or any other sane language. So he would not know. The UI made me want to cry. The posts it retrieved had messed up formatting. I could live with bad UI but messed up formatting — no way.

So Ecto is the winner.


Written by totalrecall

February 27, 2007 at 6:49 pm

Posted in ecto, ruby

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