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The Illusion called Life

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At night we dream. The mind shows us a world. We believe we are seeing with our eyes and hearing with our ears, and that the world that we see is real and logical.
Then we wake up and declare that what we saw was false, and that this now is real. We argue that what we saw in the dream was not real enough, and not logical or consistent. There was no continuity with previous dreams etc. But in the dream itself we never argued that the dream was not consistent with previous dreams or not logical. The world in the dream seemed fine.
The point here is that every night since we were born, the mind has lied to us and made use believe we were seeing, even though our eyes were closed and we were in a dark room. Same for the other senses. And yet we wake up and believe that what we now see is true, i.e., the mind is telling us the truth now. How can we blindly trust something that has lied to us each night since birth.
Further, when we say that our waking state is logical and consistent, how do we know that the mind is not fooling us into thinking that we have “woken up”. And that the “waking state” is logical and consistent. The “waking state” is no more logical or consistent than the “dream state”. Never in the dream did we ever question why we suddenly found ourself in our childhood, or in some distant city with no recollection of how we landed there.
The mind makes each state seem logical and consistent. The mind makes us think we have crossed over from one state to another. In reality, as long as we are experiencing the world thru the mind, there is ONLY ONE STATE. And that state is an illusion. There is the illusion of dreaming and waking, there is the illusion of having senses such as sight and hearing, of a body and of pleasure and suffering.
All these lies exist only as long as we identify with the mind. As long as we attach to each thought that the mind throws at us, and think that that thought represents us. And is us. Once we realize that the mind is only a bundle of thoughts, we gain the ability of seeing ourself as apart from these random thoughts, and freeing ourselves of the control and torment of the mind.
We gain freedom and peace for the first time. We live for the first time. (This “living” has to be experienced to be known. It cannot be logically debated.) The mind on hearing this, will try to dismiss this living as being dull and unexciting, for its own existence is at stake. It will point to the great productivity of the human mind. It will not accept the alluring world it has created as being an illusion. And it will most likely succeed in keeping us in a “life” of anger, selfishness, a life-long feeling of incompleteness, loneliness with a few fleeting moments of pleasure and satisfaction. In a life of causing suffering to others, and being abused. It will most likely succeed in keeping us in suffering. Life after life.

But this post would have had its effect if the reader can remember that the solution to this problem exists, and has always existed, and is available when he/she truly accepts the problem and wants a solution.

Remember that you are NOT the body and you are NOT the mind. You merely experience these due to habit.


Written by totalrecall

February 27, 2007 at 6:52 pm

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