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Ecto script: ABBR

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Now I know, Mr Shinckel has already posted a python script to do some word replacements. And I don’t claim this is much of a help because ecto already provides spell-checking. But just in case you like using your own short forms for things, you could use this. It uses a dictionary file that is outside the script, and replaces ALL instances. So its more of a spell-checker or “abbr” like facility than the first occurrence replacer that Mr Shinckel has shared.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require "yaml"
file = ARGV[0];
text =,"r").readlines.join;
mymap = YAML::load("dict.yaml")); 
mymap.each_pair{ |key, value|
  text.gsub!(key, value);
}, "w").puts text;

The dictionary file is as follows:

cant: can't 
dont: don't 
wrogn: wrong
the: the
prog;: programming
lang;: language

The abbr script is available here, and here is the dict. You will have to add entries in the dict. You can even add URLs and they will be globally replaced.


Written by totalrecall

March 1, 2007 at 5:00 pm

Posted in ecto, ruby

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