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Finished The Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman at 3am — enjoyed thoroughly. Also, found some great stuff last night:

  • Maruku — ruby implementation of multi-markdown which is very powerful
  • Multimarkdown — quite unbelievable!
  • php Markdown Extra — php port of Multimarkdown
  • rb-appscript — psst, here’s a secret. I was never smart enough to learn Apple Script, this is praps a way of avoiding it altogether!
  • I did read of SuperRedCloth, but I am quite tired of Textile, after liking it a lot initially. It never behaved properly, always left a few “bq.” and “h2.” markers here and there, but was undoubtedly powerful.

I guess now i should take out The Silmarillion that I got as a gift on my 12th (I think) and still not read.


Written by totalrecall

March 2, 2007 at 12:57 pm

Posted in life, ruby

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