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Using HTML/XHTML Editing in Vim

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This is just SOOOOO mind-blowing. How could anyone edit HTML in anything other than VIM once they get their hands around this … HTML.vim.

One quick glance at the above document will convince you that Vim IS the text-editor to use for HTML’ing.

while (<>) {

// OOOOH ! see how they convert characters like \ to their entity equivalents by just typing ;& over the character. No having to hunt up HTML docs to figure out.

This is sooo coool kewl. And now to try out previewing this in Firefox!
Well, all i have to do is: “!open %” from within, Z’all.

One small tip for Vim newbies. In order to visually mark out a word prior to bold-facing it or running any other formatting command on it, one need not use the mouse or arrow keys to get the whole word selected. “viw” is enough. — “v” for visual mode, “iw” for internal word”. Cooler, any day, than double-clicking! The two words “any day” were bolded not through mouse or arrow key jugglery, but the very predictable and easy “v” followed by “e” meaning end of next word.

This is so @#$% easy, no more selecting words clumsily with a mouse and then searching through some menu to get formatting commands. How painful and “last century” that was!

Now let’s post this winner with a “#mtn” !

[Update: No more putting P
tags, boys, WP is adding BR and P’s all over and creating an ocean of whitespace in between paras.]

Now let’s update this champ with a “#mte” !


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March 2, 2007 at 7:43 pm

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