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The Curl Blogger client is unix-shell dependent !!

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MY_CURLY_THING(TM) speaks only Unix !

In the last post, I put only curl and ruby as the dependencies. And wondered why the gentleman who made his Vim plugin with python inside, didn’t just use plain ole curl.

It just hit me that my curly thing(TM) will only run on Unix!!! It will not run on those other machines that are devoid of a bash shell.

OOOOH ! Now the google client written for emacs will run on all emacses, but if you don’t know the emacs scripting language, then it is tough to port it to another editor or language. Similarly, the Vim plugin should run on all Vim’s, but again you need to know some python and Vim programming for that.

This script will only run on a shell, but then the shell is known by millions of Unix folk. So I suppose i can rest in peace, or try porting it to ruby, so it can run elsewhere too.

[Edited in Vim using HTML.vim]


Written by totalrecall

March 5, 2007 at 11:52 pm

Posted in being_geeky, unix

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