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Mac OS X OpenPGP with Alpine

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As usual, poured through many many difficult how-to’s for getting PGP on my system. Then gave up and just did the usual “sudo port -v install gnupgp“. A few minutes later, I was creating my keys.

Now that makes me really wonder about some program called Mac GPG Guard which showed a lot of programs I needed to download. It also pointed me to an install process which had some Mac Classic screens (which scared me off). What all is it doing? What did I miss ? Now (looking back) I realize that the classic screens are for people importing keys from the classic OS (I am new so I did not get that). Also, all these files to download are GUI programs to make your life easier. Not necessary. I followed the key generation procedure on that page (fairly standard).

Again many pages of how to integrate Alpine with pgp, including something called Topal (not for OS X). Some configuration did not work – untested stuff. But this one worked like a charm – — he provides a tiny script (ez-pine-gpg) to run which generates the exact lines to be added to your .pinerc.

That’s all I had to do to install and integrate Openpgp and alpine. It was very simple if you follow the above.

Will I actually be using it ? I wonder — I don’t know anyone who has a public key I could encrypt with, or would verigy my signature. Most people I know probably use a web client for mail, so they would have to copy the mail to a local file and then decrypt. I am not sure how people use this on a regular basis. Alpine wants me to enter my passphrase every time I wish to sign a message or decrypt a message. Certainly not something i would like to do for every mail.

References: PineGPG

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August 24, 2008 at 9:48 am

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  1. Glad you found my page useful. It’s been slightly updated here:

    Max Spevack

    April 10, 2010 at 4:52 am

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