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TabbedPanes in ruby-curses

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Tabbedpanes (multiple overlapping forms as you see in preference panes) may now
be made quite simply as follows:

      @tp = @window do
        height 12
        width  50
        row 5
        col 10

      ## add a tab with label Language

      @tab1 = @tp.add_tab "Language"

      ## get the form associated with the tab, so we can create widgets/fields on it

      f1 = @tab1.form

      ## a quick example of some checkboxes is as follows

      @tab3 = @tp.add_tab "Editors"
      f3 = @tab3.form
      butts = %w[ Vim Emacs Jed Other ]
      row = 3                           # starting row
      butts.each do |name| f3 do
          text name
          row row
          col 4
        row +=1

      ## ask the tabbed pane to display itself and to handle keys

tabbed pane first pane/form

tabbed pane first pane/form


Key movement:

Buttons have been used for the tab labels on top. Currently, pressing a button reveals the tab form. After tabbing through buttons, focus goes to the open tab. After the last field on the tab, focus comes back to the buttons.

I have looked at various implementations on my system. In the Terminal preferences, pressing the button reveals the tab form. In others, when the button gets focus the tab is revealed. I am not sure what standard behaviour is. Looking for feedback.



I have just coded this. Not much testing. Currently, buttons have 2 states: focussed and unfocussed. However, here we need 3 states: selected (this button’s tab is open), focussed (cycling through buttons) and unfocussed.

Other widget

Please do let me know any other widgets that would be useful. If you can give me a link to details (methods, properties) as well as a description of behaviour that would help.

I got stalled on combo-boxes, since I am not sure of standard behaviour. The examples I see on my system ( in iTunes, Firefox location bar, etc) all have differences in behaviour.



Written by totalrecall

December 14, 2008 at 11:44 pm

Posted in ncurses, rbcurse, ruby

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  1. You are making amazing progress on your curses library! Thank you for this great contribution to the Ruby world!


    December 15, 2008 at 10:42 pm

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