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Comboboxes (non-editable)

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I have fixed on some specs for combo-boxes.

Non-editable combo boxes just implemented as follows:

  • Alt-Down pops up a selectable list.
  • Pressing UP and DOWN key moves through values in @values list.
  • Pressing any key will display next match starting with that key, cycling at end.

Will work on editable combos next. Not sure of standard behaviour. Will append entered value upon tabbing out based on insert policy.

non editable combo box

non editable combo box

      combo = @form do
        name "combo"
        row 19
        col 22
        display_length 10
        editable false
        values %w[scotty tiger secret pass torvalds qwerty quail toiletry]
          set_label @form, {'text' => "Combo"}

Current issues: adjust size of popup window so it does not go off window. In attached screenshot, it goes off.


Written by totalrecall

December 17, 2008 at 1:09 am

Posted in ncurses, rbcurse, ruby

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