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class Table : rough release

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A wip release of Table, tabular data based on the MVC architecture. Default models and listeners and created and can be manipulated for specific behaviour. CellRenderers are used for columns and headers which may be set or modified.

Besides selection of rows, and scrolling, column add/delete/move/resizing are supported. Listeners on selection and change are to be worked on. Currently, editing is not provided, but coming in future release.

The demo (1.3 mb) shows columns being widened and narrowed, column deletion, etc.
The first screenshot shows 2 selected rows, and one focussed row.

Ruby Curses Table with row selection

Ruby Curses Table with row selection

The second screenshot is after moving a row, and narrowing the first row. Demo link.

Row moving and resizing

Row moving and resizing


Written by totalrecall

January 6, 2009 at 1:17 am

Posted in rbcurse, ruby

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