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Update on Finder app (ruby curses)

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A very rough demo (7 mb) of the app (sorry, its hastily done with no planning) and a couple screens. The aim is really to find loopholes in the ruby curses widgets and framework. I have while making this added the ability to easily get radio buttons and checkboxes onto dialog boxes. You almost always need them in dialogs in a serious application. The Finder (file explorer) demo actually does quite a lot and i will keep enhancing it slowly.

File explorer sample app

File explorer sample app

Next application is to do a basic SQL viewer using the curses Tables. I intend making different kinds of apps with basic functionality to see that the widgets provide what is needed.


I have also registered for a project on rubyforge, and will try creating a gem using HOE and uploading. Then I can keep releasing rbcurse as a gem.


Written by totalrecall

February 9, 2009 at 11:01 pm

Posted in ruby

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