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porting rbcurse to ruby 1.9

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Started the porting of rbcurse (ruby ncurses widget ilbrary) to 1.9 today after ncurses started to work. Am totally new to ruby1.9, but examples from rbcurse are beginning to work.

Examples are all working, altho there could be some obscure bug with some key, or some string index that i’ve not caught.

Have tweaked TextArea a bit more.

This requires ncurses-ruby 1.2.4 since the older versions do not work with ruby 1.9. This may be found at: original or backup (and the ncurses-ruby gem in case you have problems creating it.)

After this is tested out, I will test out with ruby 1.8 and see if it can run under both. Then i can merge it back into the main. Please see github (branch rbcurse19) for work in progress. The README.txt has complete installation instructions.


Written by totalrecall

October 5, 2009 at 3:06 pm

Posted in rbcurse

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