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Splitpanes are possible using ruby ncurses

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I have been thinking about how to implement split panes (like file explorers, or frames in a browser) in rbcurse.
While fixing some display issues in multi-column tables (when increasing the size of one column, other columns were printing slightly out of the table boundary in some stray cases), i had an idea of how splitpanes and scrollpanes could be implemented easily.

split pane

This should obviously not involve the component knowing it is in a split pane, or that it is currently not in view. Similarly, a screen like alpine’s (email client) custom setup (which is multi-page) should be possible without the user having to setup pages. The component automatically manages bringing components into view, and into focus as well. Once i am over testing rbcurse with ruby1.9 and maybe adding an edit screen to the sql client demo, I can start working on Splitpanes and Scrollpanes.

Some porting links:


Written by totalrecall

October 6, 2009 at 10:05 am

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