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More thoughts on scrollpane and splitpane

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More work on paper. I think now I am ready to start coding. Situations are like:
a splitpane contains one or 2 scrollpanes. The scrollpane contains, say, a table or list or form.
Now the table knows how to print itself, but the scrollpane must clip part of it, and the splitpane
may further clip more. So what’s shown on screen is after each layer has clipped. Getting this
into the existing framework required some thought.

Trickier is that when a scrollpane scrolls an object, the focus within that widget has to be adjusted
accordingly by the object. Similarly, when a user tabs past last visible object in a
scrollpane, object should scroll up.

# print the last 10 lines of a file (emulate ‘tail’); NOTE reads entire file!
$ cat | ruby -e ‘puts STDIN.readlines.reverse!.slice(0,10).reverse!’



Written by totalrecall

October 28, 2009 at 9:26 am

Posted in rbcurse

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