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Fooling around with todo lists

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I am finally trying out something called todo.txt
and this.

todo.txt looks good, is a bash script (sed heavy), generates a simple text file, allows for setting of project name, or tags, and priorities. Just the kind of simple thing I’ve been looking for. Over the years I’ve tried out many alternatives but given up. Most of these don’t generate a text file.

1. High-priority – nice Mac app, available on the top menu
2. todo app (a Dashboard widget), available on F12
3. todo list in iGoogle (i still have tasks in it)
4. Tasks in gmail (abandoned)
5. Using alpine for tasks, send them as emails, and flag them off (abandoned)
6. Using gmail itself for tasks, labelling them. (abandoned)
7. taskpaper – a vim plugin, installed it but was not impressed
8. I just saw doneyet, but I think it expects me to download a subversion project.


Written by totalrecall

October 31, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Posted in being_geeky

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