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Textareas within tabbedpanes – cursor positioning issue

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When placing a textarea (or textview) within a tabbedpane, the cursor is off by a row and a column. I am not toally clear why, and I don’t want to sit over it too long. I am leaving it there for a while. In any case, its not likely that you would want to edit a textarea within a tabbed pane (hopefully).

textarea within tabbedpane

textarea within tabbedpane

I might have to re-evaluate my cursor positioning method, and let widgets themselves handle cursor display since this has been the major paint point for me of late when putting widgets within widgets. I’ve spent days and days figuring out what’s wrong. Totally saps motivation.

I’ll probably test out other widgets inside tabbedpanes, so any major issues are resolved. Please feel free to use readonly (noneditable) textareas or textviews inside tabbedpanes in the meantime.

I’ll probably work on a scrollable form – i think that should be simple and very useful – it will allow us to place objects on a form larger than the visible area, allowing user to scroll and edit. That obviates the need to create multiple forms, or pages and move between them (saving state and moving data back and forth). We should be able to pop the form inside tabbedpanes and other components.

# grep for foo OR bar OR baz
$ cat | ruby -pe 'next unless $_ =~ /(foo|bar|baz)/'


Written by totalrecall

January 22, 2010 at 6:59 pm

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