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Progress on scrollpanes within tabbedpanes (ncurses)

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Thankfully, some progress on the cursor front. These images show a textview. In one case the textview is inside a scrollpane inside a tabbedpane. In the other the textarea is directly inside a tabbedpane.

tabbedpane containing scrollpane with textview widget

TabbedPane with ScrollPane

TabbedPane with TextArea directly placed in it

TabbedPane with TextArea directly placed in it

I am reworking and trying to simplify the cursor placement – a major headache until now with such embedded objects.
In some previous screenshots, scrollpanes were starting display from 1,1 instead of 0,0. Correcting that has resulted in breakage, but helped in simplifying some code. I am really hoping to rewrite scrollpanes and splitpanes with a simpler approach if i can think of one. The ncurses method copywin is a major headache and keeps getting me.

I am hoping to write a splitpane like widget which is more like vim’s splits. So all the splits are on one level. Currently, a splitpane takes only 2 objects. You can embed a splitpane inside another, which is what most examples give. This makes it painful for the user to indicate which splitpane he wishes to expand or contract with a keyboard.

# If you are one of those sorry ba$tards who has to work with python you’ll know what I mean.
— Micha Niskin


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February 8, 2010 at 1:16 pm

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