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invalid byte sequence in UTF-8

Splitpanes with Scrollpanes are finally working again (rbcurse)

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rbcurse is getting back into shape — currently working on a branch named rfed16 – its a simplified version of rbcurse19, in that i’ve reduced the number of pads in SplitPanes and ScrollPanes – in fact removed them altogether – only the final widget creates a pad. I am now using absolute coordinates, so i am better in control. Placing the cursor is no longer and issue.
There are still some programs not functioning — in this case it usually means some missing information not yet passed, not a change in logic, so there’s no breakage of previous programs as i fix.

Here’s a pic of 3 text objects. All are inside ScrollPanes. There’s one SplitPane inside another SplitPane.

Scrollpane inside a splitpane

3 Scrollpane inside a couple splitpanes

# print only lines that DO NOT match a regular expression (emulates ‘grep’)
$ cat | ruby -pe ‘next if $_ =~ /regexp/’


Written by totalrecall

February 17, 2010 at 2:48 pm

Posted in rbcurse

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