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branch renaming woes

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I did some renaming, but after pushing to github the old branches are still there. Some merge headaches too.

If you are looking for the old 1.8.x version (earlier called master), its now branch classic18.
I’ve renamed rfed16 to master19 and then tried to merge it into master. Managed a manual merge, but it still shows differences between master and master19, if i try manually changing master19, it complains of conflicts.
So basically, i can’t work on master19 and keep merging back to master. My only option is to make a new branch from master, and keep merging from that (hopefully it will not complain). Also, i hope master has everything up-to-date.

Used git mergetool –tools=vimdiff for merging. opendiff confused me totally not showing me the conflict, although reporting it below.

Tech Support:
“No sir, that is not hackers taking over your computer every 10 minutes, that’s what we call a screen saver.”


Written by totalrecall

March 20, 2010 at 8:37 pm

Posted in rbcurse

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