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invalid byte sequence in UTF-8

rbcurse 1.1.2 released

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Ha ! Writing the tutorial helped bring out a typo in listbox which prevented numeric arguments to vim keys from working. So in 5k, 5j the 5 was getting ignored.
Tiny error. 1.1.2 is on

So I guess its just as well. The other day, I came across charva which is a ncurses package for Java. I think i saw this 6 years back or more when i used to work on Java. You can write a program in Swing and run it in charva just replacing java with charva. However, although I think its a great accomplishment (not used it, btw), the programmer has duplicated the GUI way of working in ncurses. In rbcurse, I am trying to go away from GUI metaphors and ways of working. In this age, people who would like to use ncurses/terminal, would probably like vim or emacs like keys, and a lot of power. That’s what I’ve been trying to look at in the last few changes made, and last few features added. Otherwise, rbcurse will just be a very poor second cousin to the GUI.

We’ve got to think of very different widgets/ components, so that users can work a lot faster in rbcurse than they would in a GUI. A totally different concept, not just a poor imitation of other toolkits.

I saw a charva screenshot, i noticed that in the JTable, he puts the header text on the top border, whereas i have a box as a header which eats up 3 lines. I think I can cut down the 2 lines.


Written by totalrecall

May 7, 2010 at 8:40 pm

Posted in ncurses, rbcurse, ruby

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  1. Dear Rahul,

    last week i discovered your project, and with each line of code i read more, i become more fascinated of the almost endless possibilities that come within.

    Perhaps you have heard of an old commandline tool called “sc” (spreadsheet calculator), written in C.

    A few weeks ago i planned to rewrite such a tool in ruby using ncurses. The code has still alpha-status, so i’ve decided to recode it using rbcurse.

    May i contact you via email? I would be happy to send you some ideas of my work so far and gladly receive some advices of how to improve it..

    Bernhard Grotz

    August 27, 2010 at 12:12 pm

  2. Some further thoughts:

    1. One can create a spreadsheet class and extend Table.

    2. One can create a fresh spreadsheet class using the source of Table and cutting out a lot that is not required. Somehow i feel #2 might be simpler. This way it will be reusable by others and the code will be simple, no working around Table. However, to do this you have to understand the code of Table a bit, so its best to play with TAble a bit and CellRenderer and CellEditor.

    I think a nice SpreadSheet class can be made.


    August 27, 2010 at 7:13 pm

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