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CSV file reading in ruby 1.9 (fastercsv)

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Fastercsv, which is the default in ruby 1.9, uses a hash for specifying the column separator.
Here, we read a tab delimited file and push each row into an array. We also print the first 2 columns.

require ‘csv’

ctr = 0
@data = []
CSV.foreach(@file,:col_sep => “\t”) do |row|
@data << row
puts ” #{row[0]} | #{row[1]} ” #unless row[1] =~ /^\[x\]/
ctr += 1
puts ” #{ctr} rows “

To see the other options, do ri CSV::new in a Terminal. Some options are row_sep, field_size_limit, converters, headers (:first_row means the first row is treated as a header, if set to array then the array is used as a header), skip_blanks (true), force_quotes (true), write_headers (true), and a few others.

# git patching
— Nick Quaranto

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May 28, 2010 at 12:43 pm

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