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ruby ffi-ncurses and panels – progress

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Thanks a lot to manver’s Panel class (Linked in previous post). I’ve got some old sample programs using panels functioning with manver’s Window and Panel code. Also, today, I used the Window class provided in examples in the ffi-ncurses program alongside manver’s panel class.
I’d say manver’s window class required fewer modifications from the old ncurses-ruby code. However, there’s some uncleanliness at times when i have to pass the pointer of the window class to methods instead of the window itself. It would have been nice if the classes could have managed this internally. Also, the panel class needs to know the location of libpanelw either in the ENV or coded in class.

Now i can actually start the task of porting the rbcurse work to ffi-ncurses. Most of my ncurses work is in 2-3 classes, so that should not be an issue. However, very often something does not work, but does not give an error. Or printing happens in the wrong place. Or colors are not set. One has to be very careful while testing. These things can get missed unless one has an output to compare with.


Written by totalrecall

September 5, 2011 at 2:03 pm

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