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Upgraded to OSX Lion: /etc/hosts issues – HELP

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Just upgraded. Most things are going fine. Alpine takes 30-60 seconds to load. fetchmail also takes a minute and then gives the following message:

gethostbyname failed for Awareness
nodename nor servname provided, or not knownCannot find my own host in hosts database to qualify it!
Trying to continue with unqualified hostname.
DO NOT report broken Received: headers, HELO/EHLO lines or similar problems!
DO repair your /etc/hosts, DNS, NIS or LDAP instead.

My /etc/hosts file is the stock one, I’ve not added any lines to it. I don’t use php.

postfix/sendmail was also not working … checked syslog and mail logs and find errors.
fatal: open database /etc/postfix/relay_password.db: No such file or directory
warning: /usr/libexec/postfix/smtp: bad command startup

I googled and found that other people are facing problems with /etc/hosts but not the same one, so don’t know what to do. Help appreciated.

Darn, even the mouse misbehaves. Can’t scroll horizontally with the scrollwheel (okay, that was the reverse scrolling culprit) and trying to select text but it deselects automatically 😦


Written by totalrecall

October 12, 2011 at 5:48 pm

Posted in Mac OS X

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