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OSX Lion moved to msmtp from postfix

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Ever since upgrading to OSX Lion, postfix stopped working. So i finally installed msmtp which took a minute or two only. Configured sendmail to use it, and now all my scripts that use "mail" are able to send mail through msmtp.

However, mpack still does not work, and attachments look much better when sent through mpack. Unable to find anything on the net regarding configuring mpack for msmtp. uuencoding a file does not help as the file still appears as an attachment which has to be clicked. mpack does MIME encoding.

I tried using mpack to just encode the file "mpack -o out.html in.html" and then attaching the file, and sending it using mail or sendEmail, but the mail shows up as junk.

Are there any alternatives to mpack ? Any other way of MIME encoding a file and sending it using msmtp or any other client ?


Written by totalrecall

October 20, 2011 at 10:39 am

Posted in ruby

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