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Still unable to open multiple windows in tmux from tmux.conf

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Made my second attempt to move to tmux (from screen). No matter what I tried, and I checked several blogs and config files, but tmux only opens one window. All calls to neww or new-window are ignored.
However, once inside tmux if I give the "C-b c", or "tmux neww" command, then a new window is created. Even putting these commands in a shell-script does not work. The only way to get multiple windows was to create a shell script with each new-window command and call that after loading tmux.

Edit: I finally accidentally did find a shell script that does open multiple windows — seems it creates them detached and then attaches them. So, i’ve got tmux working but will make the switch a little later.

I am taking inspiration from tmux to allow users to put stuff on the rbcurse statusline using left and right. Also, i was studying tmux’s way of specifying colors for text, and may use that for the statusline and other text. This is still under consideration.

I’ve moved over to iTerm2 yesterday, Loved opening vim in 256 colors.

I am slowly moving over more ports to homebrew. Looks like the days of macports are over for me. I made a local recipe for "tal" (trailer alignment).


Written by totalrecall

October 31, 2011 at 8:38 pm

Posted in ruby

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