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OS X Leopard: So it is /etc/paths.d or /etc/paths ?

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So, as always, my shell script runs fine on the terminal, but bombs as a cron-job! The PATH variable for the system is different.
Leopard now requires us the create a file in /etc/paths.d (see this). Did not work for me! In any case, that does not let me specify the order of inclusion.

There’s also a file named /etc/paths which has some paths listed in it. I googled /etc/paths and found a page asking me to update that. Let’s see if that works.

btw, the cronjob spewed this out for growlnotify:

2008-08-31 17:05:03.477 growlnotify[79056:10b] could not find local GrowlApplicationBridgePathway, falling back to NSDNC
Someone on a cocoa forum said:

Cron doesn’t have access to systemuiserver, so it can’t send notifications to Growl. Search the forums.

Anyone else finding that growlnotify’s wait and sticky don’t work ?

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Written by totalrecall

August 31, 2008 at 5:57 pm

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